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Pupil Premium at May Park 

What is the Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is additional funding provided by the government to help schools close the attainment gap between children from low-income and other disadvantaged families and their peers. If a child has been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point over the past 6 years or has been continuously looked after for at least 6 months (LAC) the school receives an amount per head within their budget.

May Park Statement of Intent for the Pupil Premium

Aim: We have a diverse community of children and families at May Park. We feel highly privileged to be working within this community and are committed to alleviating the challenges our pupil’s face so that they achieve their full potential. We strive to provide each pupil with the provision they need to achieve  the targets they are set. We are committed to ensuring our significant pupil premium funding is used effectively.


At May Park we want our pupils to be able to transition between year groups, key stages and ultimately phases successfully and with high levels of achievement regardless of any disadvantages posed by their backgrounds.


The main aim of our three year Pupil Premium strategy is to improve the progress for all disadvantaged pupils to be inline with or exceed the progress of their non-disadvantaged peers, regardless of starting points in core subjects (Reading, Writing and Mathematics).


The key principles of our strategy plan are:

  • Improve classroom pedagogy by providing targeted support and supporting whole school quality first teaching strategies.
  • Ensure that the progress of disadvantage pupils is not negatively impacted by poor attendance.
  • Ensure that the progress of disadvantage pupils is not negatively impacted by social and emotional difficulties, including medical and mental health issues.


Our PP Strategy is linked all parts of our Academy Improvement Priorities (AIPs) however the following are AIPs are key to action plan:

  • Progress: 100% of our students make progress across the year based on their starting points.
  • Strengthening the Core: Staff systematically and effectively plan to improve achievement in the core (phonics, reading, writing and mathematics).
  • Curriculum: Our curriculum is designed to develop strong cultural capital and focusses on knowledge and skills progression in order to address any social disadvantage later in life
  • Assessment: Design and develop effective and robust assessment methods in order to target intervention and accelerate progress.
  • Attendance: School attendance is 96% and punctuality is <4% - our pupils are not disadvantaged by poor attendance.
  • Safe and Well: Promote a safe and inclusive environment where pupils and staff keep themselves mentally healthy.


To find out more information about our strategy and how we intend to measure impact, please read our statement below:

 MPP PP_Statement 2022-2023.pdfDownload
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