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May Park Primary Specialist Resource Base Consultation

We are writing to inform you of Excalibur Academies Trust’s proposal to make changes to May Park Primary school SEND provision. May Park’s existing provision through “Narnia” caters for up to 7 pupils with Speech, Language and Communication Needs. It is proposed that, with effect from 1 January 2022, this will replaced by a designated resource base to enable up to 24 pupils with Speech, Language and Communication Needs and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorder to be supported. This consultation will be open for your comments until Friday 30th April. This proposal has been requested by Bristol City Council who have asked May Park to host and manage the resource base.  


Why do we need to make changes to existing provision at May Park?

A Specialist Resource Base (SRB) provides places for children with special educational needs and disabilities within a mainstream school. Children are taught in smaller groups with additional staff within the SRB, but also have access to mainstream classes and wider school life as their individual needs allow. The SRB, which would be based at May Park Primary would be for children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and would offer up to 24 places for pupils aged 5 to 11.

This important new provision will both support Bristol City Council in ensuring that it has the necessary SEND places across the City of Bristol to meet need and demand, and also increase opportunities for younger children to gain early access to the specialist support and interventions they need. This proposal is fully supported by Bristol City Council.  We agree that it is right that children with special educational needs and disabilities be educated in their local school and community. We believe that as a calm, orderly and inclusive school we are ideally placed to provide this Specialist Resource Base and that the provision will enhance our wider school community and the life chances of children with special needs in the Bristol area. Implementing the proposed changes would allow progression for pupils and continuity of support to aid the transition of pupils when they reach secondary age.  Providing early intervention at the during the primary phase through the resource base would support pupils’ needs and enable effective integration into the mainstream school.


What are specialist facilities?

Specialist facilities are located within the mainstream school and provide specific support to a limited number of pupils with an education and health care plan (EHCP). Pupils within the facility are on roll of the mainstream school and are in addition to the published admission number. The school receives additional funding to support pupils’ needs. Placements are commissioned by the City of Bristol Local Authority according to clear criteria. The aspiration in Bristol is that specialist facilities promote an ethos of inclusion and help integrate their pupils into the mainstream school for as much of their learning time as their needs allow. The facility should also provide access to a base within the school for more intensive support when required. The model expects that the expertise of staff within the facility provide significant benefits to the rest of the school to support all pupils with SEND and create a fully inclusive learning environment. Pupils in the resource base will have their special educational needs reviewed regularly in discussion with parents/carers and professionals to ensure that the facility remains the most appropriate placement to meet these needs.


What will be the impact of the changes to the resource base on other pupils in the school?

We expect the changes would have a positive impact on provision at the school. Specialist staff would work with pupils in the resource base and also work with teaching staff across the school to develop skills and expertise in responding to SEND needs and creating an inclusive environment.


Will building work be required to establish the new facility and, if so, how will this be funded?

May Park Primary School has identified an area within the existing site in which the resource base will be established. Capital funding will be required in order for the base to become operational to ensure the best provision for the pupils. This will be funded and commissioned by the Local Authority.


Why we are consulting on the above proposal?

We have a responsibility to consult with the wider community on any significant change to the organisation and structure of the school.


How can you have your say?

You can have your say by;

  • Completing the online form via the link below
  • Completing a paper copy requested from the school office
  • Alternatively you could email your response form to may.park.p@bristol-schools.uk
  • Attending a virtual public meeting which will be held on Monday 29th March  at 5.30pm. To gain access to this meeting as a parent we will send you the link to the meeting. To register interest as a member of the public please request details from the school office.

How long is the consultation period?

The consultation period will begin on the 15th March and close on 30th April.


Vanetta Spence Principal

Nicky Edmondson CEO


Online link



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