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Curriculum Year Group Pages


Guiding Principles: Nurturing Curiosity, Cultivating Creativity.  

Mission: We encourage our children to think differently: flexing their imaginative muscles through the processes of invention and reinvention. We nurture children's curiosity about acquiring new knowledge by cultivating their creative thinking processes preparing our children to succeed in life.  


Our creative competencies include: taking intellectual risks, problem solving, making connections, and playing with possibilities.  


Our curiosities are explored through reflexive and reflective thinking in autonomous and collaborative contexts. 

We exercise our creative curiosity through: 

  • activating the intercultural experiences of our whole-school community.
  • daring to be different — embracing uncertainty and adapting to it.
  • creating solutions — independently and through co-construction.


We will be working on making a May Park Version (child friendly version) of the “Creativity Wheel” below.