Year 3

Home Learning

Week commencing 23.03.20

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 Handwriting - letter formation.pdfDownload
 Healthy Eating Lunch Activity.pdfDownload
 My Healthy Eating Food Journal.pdfDownload
 Precursive Handwriting Practice Sheet.pdfDownload
 Word Search Black and White.pdfDownload
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 apostrophes and plurals Task 2.pdfDownload
 Apostrophes task 1.pdfDownload
 Homophones sheet Task 4.pdfDownload
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Week Commencing 30.03.20

 MON Capital letters 1 star.pdfDownload
 MON Capital letters 2 stars.pdfDownload
 Performance Poetry Activity 1.docxDownload
 Performance Poetry Activity 2.docxDownload
 TUES Verbs - 1 star.pdfDownload
 TUES Verbs - 2 stars.pdfDownload
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Things to try over the Easter Break