This page will be updated with safeguarding advice, news and support from external agencies.


If you have any serious safeguarding concerns during the school closure please call 07880042616.


For any other general enquiries please call 07469413322.


Important Information

There is a particularly nasty call from a withheld number that has been received in the area that says that everyone in the family is going to die. The police are aware and are taking the matter seriously. 

 If you or anyone you know receive a call like this please follow the current government advice and guidelines which can be found at



Food Package Helpline: 0117 325 0450

If you or someone you know needs access to food please call our helpline now. Call any time to leave a message and a volunteer will get back to you between 10 -6 Mon - Fri.
Delicious cooked meals delivered frozen for free anywhere in Bristol.
Everyone has a right to food, we do not means test. This is solidarity not charity.
We need volunteers.
- Delivery people
- phone line managers
- qualified cooks
Please email
We are part of the National Food Service Network working to change how we eat so that we all have enough now and always.

These websites may also provide you with some support during this difficult time:

Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak 

This is really useful and will help us all mange how to keep our children safe but also be productive while online



Below are some local organisations that may be able to provide some help during this difficult time. Please spread the word 

Facebook groups:

"Mama's: Community Aid (BRISTOL HQ)"
"Mama's: Swaps&Freebies (BRISTOL HQ)" (for baby supplies)
"BS5 Community Care (Covid-19 Mutual Aid)" (support and help with anything and everything from neighbours volunteering in the BS5 area)

Barton Hill - Wellspring Settlement (have been collecting baby supplies) - 43 Dulcie Rd, Barton Hill, BS5 0AX - 0117 9556971
National Food Service - Food Package Helpline - 0117 325 0450 (will deliver free meals) - picture of flyer attached
We Are Bristol - Coronavirus Hotline - Covers a wide range of needs from obtaining food supplies, other essential items and medication, can also help arrange follow up support with other organisations - 0800 694 0184  


The Plough [pub in Easton] are doing free food for those who need it: 

"Please share with anyone that might need it. we are making community food boxes and frozen meals for those that need it, please email us at if you need fresh fruit n veg. (we'll keep you're details safe) we wont take payment. just remember that when this is over - make a donation to "

How to Help Children Through the Covid-19 Crisis

Online Hooping Course


Dragonbirdfly theatre group have also been supporting parents and children, here is a link to their facebook page and information about how they are supporting you all:

  1. We are releasing daily videos in our Facebook group for parents to provide links between the 5 'Ways to Wellbeing' adopted by the NHS and the curriculum. 
  2. We're also providing advice for parents who children have ASD/ADHD and 'Top Tips' for those whose children are difficult to keep motivated and focused! 
  3. The main ethos of the group is to foster a mentoring community, where friends or other members of the school community known to the parents video call with their child each day to check in with how things are going. To guide the mentors, we suggest coaching questions and encourage them to talk about our 'daily challenge' with their mentees. 
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