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Coombe Road, Bristol, Avon, BS5 6LE


Contact Us:

Principal - Vanetta Spence (principal@maypark.excalibur.org.uk)

Chair of Governors - Alan Gould (alan.gould@excalibur.org.uk)

SENDCo - Samantha Williams (swilliams@maypark.excalibur.org.uk)

School Business Manager - Nicola Livingstone

Telephone: (0117) 9030075 (Office Opening Times are 8:00am to 4:00pm)

E-Mail: enquiries@maypark.excalibur.org.uk   F.A.O Olivia Brooks - School Administrator



May Park Primary School

Coombe Road,





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Academy Trust Details

© Excalibur Academies Trust. A registered private company, limited by guarantee, No: 814 66 33

Registered office: Granham Hill, Marlborough, Wiltshire, United Kingdom SN8 4AX
Telephone: 01672 516156

E-mail: enquiries@excalibur.org.uk 


Public Enquires/Communication with staff:

  • If you have an urgent piece of information that you feel will affect your child’s learning, please phone the office and one of the Admin Team will be able to help. enquiries@maypark.excalibur.org.uk  F.A.O Olivia Brooks - School Administrator  
  • If you want to discuss anything with school about your child, we encourage parents to talk to their class teacher in the first instance. You can either make this arrangement direct with the teacher or ring the office for an appointment.  
  • Confidential matters can be dealt with by Ms Spence; an appointment can be made through the office by contacting our School Business Manager, Nicola Livingstone at nlivingstone@maypark.excalibur.org.uk

If you are visiting us, please note we have a staff only parking policy in our car park.  Visitors are to park outside the school. Thank you.