Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 curriculum page!

Year 1 encompasses 4 classes: Washington, Kingston, San Francisco and Toronto.




Curriculum Newsletters 


This term the children will not have a topic for the term but will still continue to recieve spelling lists.

The spellings are being learned inside class too and tested on Mondays-Fridays (see class teacher), so do help your child learn the spellings on the weekend. Some of the words follow a pattern/rule they have learnt in class, some are trickier (non-phonetic) words. The spelling lists for this term can be downloaded below.

Please make sure that your child reads as often as possible and that you are recording in the children's books when and how much they have read. The children move up a place on the class reading rockets every day that they read to earn rewards.


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Kingston Class


Mr Green, Mrs Kaur and Miss Milsome

San Francisco Class


Miss Brewer, Mrs Hulin and Mrs Stringer

Washington Class


Miss McGrath, Mr Norbury, Ms McKenzie and Miss Heeley

Toronto Class


Miss Barr, Mrs Yousuf and Miss Mierzejewska